System Design

Holding Tank Systems

  • Single Holding Tank Systems
  • Double Holding Tank Systems

Conventional Systems

  • Trenches are installed in-ground and this system operates on gravity.
  • There are many ways to extend the life of a conventional system and
    upgrade the quality of your simple conventional system.
  • Such as, time dosing, cell rotation, installing over-sized or
    double drain fields.
  • These are just a few of the options & possibilities with a
    conventional septic system.

In Ground Pressure

  • The IGP or In-Ground Pressure system is very similar to a standard conventional septic system except the waste-water is pumped into trenches or a bed system instead of using gravity. This type of system is commonly used on areas of sandy soil allowing for installation in the ground but the slopes do not allow for the use gravity.
  • In-Ground Pressure systems are built in the ground using
    trenches and a pump to pressurize this system.

At-Grades Systems

  • At-Grade systems are the most popular style system used in recent years.
  • They are built on top of existing grade and have a wide
    variety of design options.

Mound Systems

  • Mound systems are also built above ground with the use of
    a sand blanket to achieve soil requirements

Pre-Treatment Systems

  • The use of pretreatment of waste water is a concept that has been around for a long time mostly in large scale and commercial operations, in the past few years however the use of pretreatment is a concept now commonly used for residential systems as well.
  • The basic concept of pretreatment is to circulate air into your septic system to insure the waste water leaving your system is substantially cleaner than conventional waste water.
  • The use of a pretreatment system allows the actual space or footprint needed for a septic system to be much smaller than a conventional style. Therefore many sites that in the past would be holding tank sites or un-buildable sites are now buildable.
  • Pretreatment can be very useful on small parcels of land such as lake lots, subdivisions or land that does not meet suitable soil requiements for conventional septic systems.

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Individual Design / Experimental Systems*

  • Coming Soon!