System Installation

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Contact owner and general contractor to have a meeting and discuss the construction process, going over every detail to ensure there are no surprises or unknowns when the project starts.


Organize the construction date with all of the entities necessary to ensure all products and/or services are available and ready for installation.


Install system and obtain county on-site inspection and approval.


Review completed system with the client, explain operation and answer any questions that the owner may have at this time.


The installation crew at Blakeslee Inc. will enable the construction of your project to be completed smoothly in a timely manner, to the greatest satisfaction of each individual owner! The construction crew at Blakeslee Inc. in comprised of Kurt Johansen, Matt Cherney, Shea Geffert and Blake Fish.


Lake Property Alternatives

We at Blakeslee Inc. have acquired a vast knowledge of soil testing, designing and installing systems on various lake and/or waterfront properties over the last 40 years. We have worked on Lake Wisconsin, Lake Redstone, Lake Delton, Dutch Hollow Lake, Bass Lake, Lake Jordan and the Wisconsin River, just to name a few. Due to setback requirements and sizing of some lakefront properties there are many innovative and experimental ways to implement the use of a septic system on your property that may not have available before now! Let us help you test, design and install a waste-water treatment system that works for you! The use of set-back variances to buildings, wells and water along with our knowledge and use of experimental/individual site design options we are able to implement a septic system that will work for you!

Consultations on these properties to discuss your project are free of charge and we can offer the ideas and options you may have available to not only improve your waste water system but your property’s value as well!

Some examples of systems used on these projects are as follows;

  • Double Drainfield Systems
  • Combination System of Holding Tank with drainfields
  • In-ground Mound Systems
  • Sand Blanket Systems
  • Pre-Treatment Systems

Our soil testing, design and installation crew all work together on these projects to brainstorm and answer the difficult questions. We work with state and county officials and our vendors to create an individual waste-water treatment system to install on each of these sites.


Metal Tank Replacement Programs

Many counties have implemented a “metal tank replacement” program over the last few years. We specialize in this area of work! Many cases are as simple as removing the old metal tank and replacing with a new concrete one! Call us for a free site consultation so you, as the owner, can understand in detail the process of replacing your metal tank! We have extensive experience and knowledge in the area of upgrading older septic systems.


Metal Tank Replacement Process



Meet with the client to look at the project and review all options available before starting anything!


Most likely if a system is installed before 1980 a soil verification needs to be done to verify or “pass” an existing drainfield.


If the drainfield passes, the next step is to meet with the client and decide what style, type and size tank to replace the old one with.


Install new septic tank and dispose of the old septic tank.


The process stated above is obviously the best case scenario and many of these sites can become more in-depth than that. The consultation is the most important part of the replacement of a metal tank in order to discuss any of the issues that may arise before you get started! I can assure you that with the expertise and knowledge our company can provide, we will make the experience one that is beneficial to you and your property for the long term.